The Practice of Thanksgiving

October 9, 2016
Speaker: Pastor Joel Spiridigliozzi

Part two of our Practicing Jesus series
When Jesus was walking the earth, everyone had a different idea about who he was – a revolutionary, a miracle-worker, a prophet. But there was one thing no one could deny. Jesus was a teacher – a rabbi – and whatever else the crowds thought of him, they couldn’t get enough of his words. Join us for this five week teaching series titled “Practicing Jesus.” Together we will breakdown key practices that Jesus exemplified and taught. Don’t miss a week of this life-altering teaching series.

Series Breakdown:
October 2 – The Practice of Christian Etiquette
October 9 – The Practice of Thanksgiving
October 16 – The Practice of Surrender
October 23 – The Practice of Servanthood
October 30 – The Practice of Praying

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