Summer Camp 2023

July 10th to August 25th

Here at Heartland A Church Connected, we believe in the value of investing in our kids, guiding them as they grow into strong followers of Christ.

A unique opportunity to do so is through our annual summer camp program where we use fun activities, games, and crafts to instill Biblical truths into our kids and the kids in our community.

Our hope is that the kids entrusted to us go home knowing that they are loved children of God and that they continue to share that love with their friends and families each and every day.

This Year, we will be focusing on two themes

1: Lessons from the Wilderness

Greeting adventurers!

Do you know just how much we can learn from nature and being out in the wilderness?

Whether it’s about all the things God created, His vastness and care, or how to live life in the world He created for us, it’s important to remember that everything is from God, us, the plants, the animals, the world, and everything in it, and we should live our lives for Him because of all that He has done for us. 

Join us for our first adventure as we become campers and learn about what it takes to live for God and about the Bible through the wilderness! 

2: A Gold Rush Adventure

I see you have found our town, assuming you’re here to strike gold?

It’s no secret that the people love treasure, especially the fame and fortune that come with finding something undiscovered. But those things don’t matter to God. What matters to Him are the things that people don’t really see, like when we make the decision to choose to live according to His will, and not according to the way of the world.

Throughout the Bible we see examples of people who must make decisions where the easy way out isn’t God’s way, but time and time again they make the tough decision to faithfully live for God.

Join us for our second adventure as we take lessons from Joseph, Daniel, and a few other people in the Bible who chose the things that matter to God while looking for some treasure of our own!