Relief From Guilt

July 24, 2016
Speaker – Pastor Andrew Croft

Part 4 of our Emotions series
Series Description:
God has given us the gift of emotions to help us connect meaningfully with others, find purpose and joy in life, and reflect His love to the world around us. Sadly, what often happens is that our emotions control us. Rather than understanding that our feelings are a tool to enrich our lives, we are dominated by the negative thoughts they generate within us. Join us throughout this teaching series as we deal with five key emotions that wound us: fear, rejection, bitterness, guilt, and despair. You won’t want to miss a week of this series as we confront the lies by conquering them with the truth.

Series Breakdown:
July 3 – Conquering Fear –
July 10 – Overcoming Rejection –
July 17 – Freedom from Bitterness –
July 24 – Relief from Guilt –
July 31 – Finding Hope in Despair –

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