Passion & Purpose to Connect to our Community and World

September 18, 2016
Speaker: Pastor Joel Spiridigliozzi

Part 3 of our Passion & Purpose Series
Series Description:
To have passion and purpose is critical to every individual, church, and community. Passion and purpose give us reason and a vision to hold on to. The Scriptures teach us that when there is no vision and mission the people perish. God’s desire for our church family is to increasingly translate vision into reality. Join us for this three part series as we once again elevate and make clear the vision and mission the Lord has given to Heartland, A Church Connected.

Series Breakdown:
Part 1 – A Passion & Purpose to Connect to God –
Part 2 – A Passion & Purpose to Connect to Each Other
Part 3 – A Passion & Purpose to Connect to Our Community & World –


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