Heartland, A Church Connected: Small Groups, “Peace”

This is alternative content for our Winter Cycle.

Please watch the video, read John 14, and discuss the following with your family or share the video with a friend and phone them.

1. What spiritual disciplines do you need to implement in order to “change the channel” so that you hear from God before you hear from anything or anyone else? Discuss.

2. Was there a time when you were uncertain about a significant life event or current affair in the news and you chose to trust in God and He came through for you? What did you learn from this experience? Discuss.

3. Describe a time when God demonstrated His love for you in a powerful way.

4. Have you ever witnessed or experienced something miraculous? What happened, and how did it affect you? Discuss.

5. Has there been a time in your life when you experienced God’s perfect peace in a way that you didn’t understand at the time? What were the circumstances, and how did the experience contribute to your faith? Discuss.

Please pray for the following:

Pray for our vulnerable populations.

Pray for those with mental health challenges who feel isolated, anxious, and helpless.

Pray for our municipal, provincial, and federal governments.

Pray for consumers of media, looking to be well-informed.

Pray for frontline healthcare workers.

Pray for the scientific researchers working hard to discover a vaccine.

Pray that people will be receptive to God and hear from His Holy Spirit during this season.

Pray for our missionaries throughout the world.

See you next week when we will discuss “Rest.”

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