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PLEASE NOTE/ The Facility is NOT available on SUNDAYS for rent or lease.

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  • The set-up and tear-down time must be included.
  • The minimum duration for renting any room in the facility is 2 hours. Renters are required to book and pay for a minimum of 2 hours for each rental period. Any rental duration less than 2 hours will not be accepted.
  • The auditorium rentals start at a minimum of 4 hours.

Available Rooms to Rent:

Auditorium rentals start at a minimum of 4 hours.

Please Note

*Cleaning and additional support personnel to be present for the rental will require an additional cost based on the nature of the rental.

*There is a security, damage, and cleaning deposit of $500. If all parts of HACC are left in the same condition as before the rental, the deposit shall be returned.

*For all auditorium rentals, a late exit deposit of two hours ($800).

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