Linda Duncalfe

In her experience growing up in South Africa and later living in Uganda, Linda has found that young Africans have a hunger to grow spiritually and a desire to live their lives in confidence as they serve God. Each time she works alongside her African friends she is amazed at the passion they put into transformation, growth and service. God is calling young Africans to reach their own with His love. Linda is happy to be involved.

One in four of Africa’s people have no hope of knowing Jesus, not because they choose to reject Him, but because there is no one near them that can tell them; no Christians, no Bible, no churches. The task to reach them is huge. God has called Linda to be involved in answering this need in two ways:

1. To provide discipleship training via correspondence courses through the ministry of Emmanuel Press to expand its reach into East Africa. For more information visit

2. To work alongside Rev. Simon Peter Emiau to inspire, equip and mobilize the emerging generation of young Africans to become missionaries to all of Africa. Together with him, and other leaders of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Africa, she will work to raise up young adults to take their place in reaching Africa for Christ.

To find out more about Linda’s ministry visit her Facebook page, Linda in Africa.

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