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Fall Retreat is for all of our students Grade 6-12.
We take a bus to Riverview Bible Camp, Chesley Ontario.
We spend 2 nights, 4 services (worship and word), lots of activities (pedal go karts, snow games-weather permitting, big group games and more) as well as late night activities including a talent show and outdoor games!

Wayne Giroux will be joining us and sharing from the word of God this weekend. Wayne has pastored for a number of years as the student pastor at Gateway in London.
Bev Giroux will be bringing a team and leading us in worship this weekend.

Register and pay in the form below.

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Heartland Students Fall Retreat
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  1. Participants are to show respect for other people, their property, and the facilities.
  2. Participants are not permitted in the rooms of the opposite sex.
  3. Participants must attend all activities, unless excused by a leader.
  4. There will be no violence allowed, which includes but not limited to: hitting, kicking, punching, biting, pinching or attempting to do any of these things.
  5. There will be no weapons of any kinds. Those in possession of any weapons will be immediately dismissed from the retreat. Parents will be contacted to pick up their child immediately.
  6. There is no smoking, drinking or illegal dug use allowed.
  7. Medication must be kept in a secure location with your belongings. You may not share any medication with other participants.
  8. Any items brought to the camp will be at your own risk (ie cell phones, wallets, etc.).
  9. Cell phones are permitted (at your own discretion) however they are not to be used during services/games/activities/meals.
  10. Do not bring superfluous electronics (ie. Nintendo switch, tablets, etc.).
  11. Retreat is for students grades 6-12. We cannot accept registration from applicants outside of that age range.
  12. The consequence for any serious violation of these rules may be your student’s immediate removal from the program. Parents/Guardians will be called to pick up immediately.


I/We, the parents or guardians listed above, hereby grant Heartland, A Church Connected and/or its staff permission to act in any emergency and seek medical attention for my child, if parent/guardian or family doctor cannot be reached. In addition, my child has permission to participate in all event activities. I hereby agree to release Heartland, A Church Connected and its staff against any liability incurred as a result of any injury or loss sustained during participation in the program. I agree that any photos/videos taken may be used for any promotional materials.

The safety of each individual is of the utmost importance to Heartland, A Church Connected. My child and I recognize a personal responsibility to learn and follow at all times, safety and other rules established by Heartland, A Church Connected staff. My child and I understand that any behaviour that places my child, or others, at risk may result in immediate dismissal. I agree to assume any expense(s) arising from program dismissal. I understand no refund will be granted for dismissal or removal of my child at my request before the end of the event.

I have provided complete and accurate allergy and health information.


When submitted, you will be redirected to the payment page.

Add the amount of registrations to equal the amount of students you are registering.

For example, if you sign up 2 students, you need to pay for 2 registrations.