We believe connecting with a Small Group greatly enhances the care levels in our community as well as creating an environment where personal growth in Christ can be most effective. Thank you for ministering so effectively to the people of Heartland through Small Groups.

Our vision, through our community, is to be people passionately connected to God, one another, our Small Group ministry, and the world.

Our strategy: “Christlike churches have one thing in common: they find a way to meet the needs of the people God has placed in their ministry areas. People are hungry for love, purpose, and life transformation, and I know of no better structure than a small group where this happens naturally and personally. That’s why churches must grow larger and smaller at the same time—larger through evangelism and smaller through fellowship structures….I always tell new attenders…, ‘You will not really feel connected…until you join and participate in a small group.”

– Steve Gladen, Small Groups With Purpose

Our strategy is to grow in size and in depth. As our church grows larger, our attention as Small Group leaders must be to facilitate meaningful community and discipleship in the Small Group setting. We must have a view to multiply (in number, and spread our geographic dispersion), and to open our doors widely so that people desire to have meaningful community, relationship, and discipleship with each other (Matthew 28:20). We mentor and develop leaders from within our Small Groups, as well as partner with other Small Groups leaders and our First Impressions Ministries to recruit newcomers to our Small Groups Ministries.

HACC Small Groups 2020  Winter Cycle: Scriptural Studies Series

Complete descriptions of the Small Groups curricula are available on the main Small Groups page. 

Every week during the Small Group cycle, Pastor Aaron sends an email to Small Group leaders. If you are a Small Group leader and you do not receive Pastor Aaron’s weekly email, please contact Pastor Aaron here and let him know you wish to be added to the email list.

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