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May 31 – Jesus and the Samaritan Woman

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Jesus stopped to talk to a woman, which was a bit strange in those days. More than that, she was a Samaritan; the Samaritans and the Jews did not get along well. Many years before, when the Northern Kingdom of Israel was conquered by Assyria, some of the people living in Samaria—their capital—did not get taken away. However, most of those people did not obey God; they married people who worshiped false gods. As a result, the Jewish people who came back from Babylon did not like the disobedient Samaritans who were still living in the land.
Jesus loved the Samaritan woman though. He was not bothered that she was a woman or that she was a Samaritan; she was special to God. What makes people special? People are special because we are made in God’s image, as male and female, to know Him.
Jesus knew all about the woman’s sin and still wanted to know her and save her. He talked about living water, but she was confused. He didn’t mean literal water, He meant the Holy Spirit. Jesus gives the Holy Spirit to those who believe. The Holy Spirit lives inside believers, and He helps us to understand God’s Word and obey Him.
When we have the Holy Spirit living within us, love and joy begin to fill our lives and overflow into the lives of the people around us. We become like a new well that can provide refreshment to our friends, family, and everyone we meet. If we tell them the good news about Jesus, and they believe, they will be filled with the Holy Spirit also! In that way, it is almost like our “living water” can transfer into the lives of others.


Jesus offers something better than physical water; He gives us Himself. Jesus gives the Holy Spirit to everyone who comes to Him by faith. We can worship Him as Lord and Savior wherever we are. We can spread the good news about Jesus and help other people begin a relationship with Him. Then they can be filled with living water too!


Parents, after watching the video, ask your children the following questions:

Grade JK – Grade 1 –  Ask kids to think about how they can share the gospel with someone they may not have anything in common with. Guide them to discuss ways they can show the love of Jesus to everyone they meet this week.

Grade 2 to 5 – Ask kids to think about how Jesus showed love to people while He was on earth. Guide them to discuss how we can show love to others, especially those who might seem hard to love.


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